Our Expertise

Through funds, direct and co-investments, we partner with investors to provide liquidity to assets and businesses in need

IC Expertise
  • Real Estate

    Structure and develop large real estate projects with above average returns

    Establishment of strategic partnerships with major players in the sector

  • Credit

    Finance payroll deductible loans, receivables acquisition, and asset based financing

    Opportunities to finance companies with
    momentaneous cash constrains, but with cash
    generation and high level of collaterals

  • Venture Capital

    Exponentially growth in Latin America since 2012

    Opportunities to be mostly explored in the following sectors: financial, education, logistics,
    agribusiness, and health

  • Legal Claims

    Acquisition of judicial or arbitration credit rights

    Acquisition of “precatórios” and “pré-precatórios”

  • Special Sits Opportunities

    Financing special sits opportunities & turnaround initiatives with generalist and agnostic approach

    Seeking to create attractive, risk adjusted returns, targeting companies with high potential upside by improving operational and capital structure

Assets Under Management

~BRL 4.2 billion (~USD 798 million)

Track Record

+10 projects
Why is Iron Capital unique?
Brazilian Market Knowledge Investments Track record Special Sits Opportunities & Turnaround Experience Disciplined Focus on Core Competencies Capital Markets Expertise

Considerable capital markets expertise, which allow us to pursue and develop tailored and creative solutions to the mapped opportunities

Our experience in special sits opportunities & turnaround enables us to engage in and extract value from complex and distressed investments

We are focused on investment capabilities where we have solid knowledge, great conviction and edge

Proven track record of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across Funds I and II

Team of professionals with significant sector-specific knowledge and relationships with companies, advisors, institutions and individuals in Brazil